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Innovative Solutions for Mining Industry Needs


High-Quality Work That Won’t Eat Into Your Bottom Line

Labor and operation costs are rising in the mining industry, so it’s crucial to get the most out of your time and money. RWS Resources, LLC, offers supplemental personnel and specialized mining services to help increase your company’s profitability without compromising the bottom line. Our leadership has decades of experience that can help finish your project quickly—and above all—safely. Don’t trust your project to just anyone. Call in the professionals at RWS Resources. 


Full Service Contractors

RWS Resources offers full-service contractors for mining services. We hire workers from across our service areas and train them in both general and specialized skills. Our company supports its staff with experienced leadership that understands both the mining industry’s demands and the importance of safety standards. We consider ourselves an extension of your workforce, and we’re anxious to see your business succeed.



What We Offer

Jackleg Drilling

We provide extra workers for jackleg drilling and underground mining projects. These teams have the training and experience necessary to complete your work while adhering to the strictest safety standards.

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We offer chemical grouting services to help control water drainage for mining projects. This process can also provide additional support at job sites.

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Ventilation Control

Our technicians install mine doors to help maintain proper ventilation in a mine. RWS Resources is a certified installer of American Mine Doors.

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RWS Resources teams can prep, form, pour, and finish concrete slabs. We can also transport specialized pumps underground to complete projects efficiently.

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Belt Repair

Our company installs and repairs conveyor belts for both surface and underground projects. We even make mobile belts so you can move them throughout your mine.

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Prep Plant Equipment Installation

RWS Resources will install or replace equipment throughout your plant. Our skilled maintenance team can also repair or rebuild machinery onsite or in our shop.

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General Labor

RWS Resources will meet your general manpower needs without blowing your budget. Our workers help with equipment operation, outby labor at a mine’s entrance, and compliance requirements. As labor costs increase, our manpower services provide an affordable solution for mining development and production needs.

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