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Belt Repair


A customized, durable belt system keeps an underground mining project operating with optimal efficiency. RWS Resources provides conveyor belt repair and installation for both underground and surface mines—and we have the leadership required to get the job done right.

Our owner, Bob Sandidge, has 45 years of experience in underground coal. He spent a large percentage of that time focusing on safe and efficient belt systems. As corporate manager of belt conveyors, Bob oversaw all the conveyors at eight longwall coal mines. He was responsible for the design, purchase, and installation of all belt drive components.

Belt repair and installation have become some of Bob’s specialties. That means he can ensure his teams will provide the best service possible.

How We Can Help

As a premier fabricators of conveyor belts, RWS Resources can configure systems using different:


Take-up designs


Pay-out systems


Intermediate and tail-loading sections

We also design our systems to be mobile, so you can move them to various sites throughout your mine.

RWS Resources personnel can provide belt repair and installation for projects of all sizes and duration. You’ll get the same quality service for a small, short-term project that you will for a large job that lasts years.

Let’s talk about your repair and installation projects. Give us a call today.

Let’s Do This Right.

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